Who are Morgan & West?

We’re a duo of performers from the UK who make family friendly theatre shows full of magic, science, story-telling and all sorts of other clever nonsense. But don’t take our word for it, come see us live!

I recognise you, where might I have seen you before?

We’ve done shows all over the world – in the USA, Australia, South Africa, Europe – but spend the vast majority of our time touring our shows around theatres in the UK, so if you’ve seen us before, it’s probably there. Or queuing for a coffee in a service station on the M6, we spend a fair amount of time doing that too. But most likely in a theatre. We dress much more conspicuously on stage than we do in real life.

No that’s not it. I think it was on telly.

Oh we’ve done a few bits of telly – we fooled Penn & Teller on “Penn & Teller: Fool Us” (which seemed only polite, the title was asking people to fool them), and then went back a few years later, and failed to fool them (which seemed only polite, we’d done it once before). We appeared on “The Next Great Magician” (which turned out to be someone else) and failed to escape from CBBC’s “The Slammer” (which means technically I think we’re still there). Basically, if someone needs a couple of people in frock coats to come and do something silly and impressive, they call us.

So you’re magicians!

Yes! And also no. Or rather yes, because you never stop being a magician; the skills don’t really leave you. In the early years of our career we made our name doing magic shows for adults and children and anyone else that would give us their attention. After a while we decided to diversify a bit, and started to do plays and science shows and whatever else we felt like doing, and luckily enough people kept coming to see us, so now we do whatever we happen to find fun, and audiences seem to like it too!

How did you meet?

We met doing a dodgy bit of student theatre while we were at university when we were supposed to be focusing on our science degrees, and we have been mucking about on stage together ever since.

So what are you going to do next?

Not sure, but it’s been over a decade and we’ve not run out of ideas yet. But you can bet it’ll be fun and silly and involve elaborate costumes…